“We went beyond prejudices, but in front of the Uzbek toilet we cried” – Corriere.it

from Chiara Mafioletti

A pair of friends triumphed in the first edition of “Beijing Express” Sky. «TikTokers aimed this at us. We never thought we would win “

No, they weren’t expecting this. Victoria Cabello and Paride Vitale would never have bet on the Peking Express. “Paris already made an appointment ten days after we left, he was sure that he would be back soon”.

Instead you won. And the tears fell too.

Cabello: “After the victory, I looked like one of the Kisses with mascara poured out. I was a mask of pain. But I want to say one thing: we beat Enzo Miccio ».

Vitale: “On the other hand, in the whole experience, I only cried once when I looked at the Uzbek bathroom.”

A few friends ready for anything.

V: “And to say that among all our friends we are the most difficult, who can do nothing and are the last in everything”.

C: “Yes, they usually invite us because we are facilitators in a good mood, animators who cheer us up at confirmations and weddings without even drinking.”

Have you learned more about each other?

V: «I was surprised to see Vicky so determined: she is also so determined in real life, but also someone who fails, has falls. But not in the “Beijing Express”: from the very first episode, it was not for her; he asked for a ride and it was a shit we never left. She also asked an employee who was working for a ride, finally got in the car and drove us for two hours, probably after a minute she was fired. In short, she forgot all her worries and fears as soon as the race started ».

C: «For me this experience was really a turning point, a moment of rebirth. I really feel that I have become different again and to be honest, that I left in my Beijing backpack all the weight that I carried with me, which was made up of illnesses, or rather moments of depression. It was very difficult, but it was worth it. Paride and I have known each other for over twenty years and we have done everything together: we know each other very well and it has been very beneficial indeed. Also because we could not count on physical strength and intelligence. “

There were pairs of parents and children, and yet they came later …

V: «Because there is always one who protects the other, but we supported each other. We started out with a fun spirit and with the benefit that you can send yourself to this country and then recover in thirty seconds ».

What was it like when we got home and we didn’t see each other 24 hours a day?

C: «I am relieved for Paris, I am mourning. For me, who live alone and am used to being alone, always having Paris and the whole group was wonderful, like being with the family. Actually, I am emotionally devastated now, as always when an experience ends: maybe this is also the reason why I don’t get engaged anymore, because usually from day one I think about what it will be like when we give up. “

V: «I was looking forward to going home. Then I realized that after more than a month of absence, my agency is better than ever, so I decided to disappear for four weeks every October ”.

How did it go with the others?

C: «Since the end of Beijing we have been running a group chat which we use very often. A group of people was formed, whom we love, I am very attached to each of them, and with some of them we are already planning a joint vacation. The only tension was on the Italy-Brazil side: they were tough in the game, everyone was spinning the ball a bit, but when the pair swapped and I landed against Helena, I understood a lot of other things. “

V: «For me Natasza, Sasha, Aurora and Fru are friends forever. Overall, whoever did the cast was very good because they created a group that you love. Only with the Tik Toker we eliminated we were no longer able to fix the relationship and sorry it would be fun to compare. But they didn’t take it well and they didn’t love us as they used to.

What if you only get one memory out of all of them?

C: «I would say the first episode when they threw us into this world where we only knew we had to survive. We met Baba who opened the door of his house for us and let us know that he is someone who can be relied on. “

V: I didn’t want to sleep in any of the houses we found first strike. But the great lesson to be learned from this program is that beyond our prejudices, there are fantastic things. I would not even go to the places where I have been, but I found and met fantastic people. In undoubtedly the poorest house I have seen in my life, we were hosted by a gentleman who was in very difficult conditions: he was a huge man, in a dirty shirt, I thought: “This will kill us in the night.” Instead, he turned out to be the sweetest father in the world who lives to educate his daughter who wants to make a little archiettet. When we got home, we sent him a package with everything he needed to do this ».

Did you then help the people you met there in retrospect?

C: «Yes, we sent something to everyone as a thank you. We are in touch with Mohammed, the boy who escorted us for two days, and we decided to support him in his studies. Also, via his Instagram profile, many are now contacting him to have him as a guide in Istanbul on Beijing tours ».

V: «Basically we got to know people better than our closest relatives, people who did everything for us. If someone in my house with a red backpack over his shoulder had told me if he could stop with me to sleep, I would have run away screaming. Instead, I discovered an amazing humanity ».

If you need to propose a destination?

V: «Uzbekistan: I didn’t even know where it was on the map before, but it is really beautiful both for the capital and for the whole part of the Silk Road. And with super hospitable people “

C: «I agree, although I also loved Jordan and Cappadocia very much. Overall, I believe that an insight into the Islamic world has been offered that is quite different from what many people believe. “

V: “We recommend the route of the Sultans to Daniela Santanché, Salvini and two or three others”.

Why was Costantino della Gherardesca transferred after winning?

C: «He has known me for many years and I want to say one thing: I think I owe him a lot. He strongly insisted that I participate, he always asked me and he really wanted me to give me a chance after the years that I was still in. I am very grateful to him. He knows what I have experienced in recent years due to my illness, and reaching the end of this path has also been a surprise to him, who may not have hoped for it. After all, it’s a patatone… stylish patatone ».

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