What are the breathable slippers and mules in fashion in 2022?

Clogs and mules: how to wear?

wearing a pair mule or clog The trend is impossible to go unnoticed. You still have to know how to wear it.

How to be stylish with mules

To create a successful look with mules, it should be chosen according to the desired style:

  • Mushroom-based mule: This type of mule is undoubtedly the most comfortable mule on the market. They do indeed marry the shape of the feet. They also keep them in place while walking by reducing their sweating. They go well with basic or casual style outfits and streetwear outfits;
  • Leather mule: This model is perfect for casual bohemian style. For example, it is possible to combine a light dress made of embroidered fabric and a light suede bag or jeans with a plain T-shirt and a knitted bag. Leather mules can also be accompanied by a white blouse and floral skirt;
  • Loafer style mules: Both comfortable and elegant, this type of mule is known for its closed cut at the front and open at the heels. It offers a wide range of views. It is possible to wear a loafer-style mule with an elegant suit, jeans, dress or a light skirt;
  • Heeled mule: This mule model, which can be suitable for both stylish and daily combinations, has the feature of emphasizing the legs and improving the silhouette;
  • Embroidered or colored mules: they are key pieces of the look. Therefore, it is recommended to bet on a simple style. It is possible to talk about her completely black look with jeans and a t-shirt or sleeveless blouse, which is also in fashion recently.

Which look should be adopted with clogs?

Clogs are a direct eye-catcher with their large volume. Bet on romantic-style outfits with floral prints and airy materials to soften the look. On the contrary, strong parts should be avoided. If it’s more daring, wearing slippers with printed or sequined socks will give you a sharp look. However, it is recommended to choose a sober outfit, so as not to overload the set. When it comes to model selection, the choice of wedges or flat soles, dizzying wooden heels and clogs in classic or vibrant colors is plentiful.

Editor’s Pick: Cozy Crocs

Long despised, crocodiles have reinvented themselves to be the fashion of stylists and fashionistas. We offer you this Crocband flat crocodile pair, because it is especially comfortable with rubber soles. Additionally, it’s made with Croslite resin, takes the shape of the foot and is ultra-light. Indeed, it only weighs 358 g. This pair is also equipped with a strap that can be held forward to wear like a mule or backwards to hold the foot. The upper has vents for better breathability. Finally, these alligators are easy to clean and dry quickly.

Affordable mules for women

we chose Lico Bioline times mule for their affordable price compared to other models of equivalent quality. Passepartout, this pair is suitable for any occasion. The exterior is made with an extremely comfortable synthetic material. The soles are made of rubber and cork, thus preventing foot pain. Featuring a buckle closure, these mules are easy to put on and take off. In addition, they adapt perfectly to the feet.

Durable mule pair

We specifically selected these mule plates Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle for their quality. They are indeed made of leather, are durable and can be used for years. Walking with this material provides great comfort while taking advantage of its breathability. Like all leather shoes, this pair is particularly elegant and goes well with a multitude of outfits. All it takes is a good range of colors to style. Also, leather has thermoregulatory properties that make it a pleasant material whatever the season.

Ultra light clogs

This clogs Eagsouni for men and women It is part of this elite, as it combines comfort and elegance. Indeed, it has been carefully designed to be comfortable to wear in summer, winter, autumn or spring:

  • Upper made of breathable material: The upper part is made of soft, deodorant and comfortable mesh. The structure is also made of breathable mesh, which can prevent sand from entering while providing better drying performance;
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) insole is non-slip, soft, antibacterial, removable and helps to keep feet cool by wicking away sweat;
  • The outer soles are made of highly flexible non-slip MD. They are also resistant to wear;
  • This zippered shoe can be worn in two ways, depending on the strap adjustment.

Remember that these clogs are perfect for walking, driving, swimming, water gymnastics, walking, jogging and dancing. It can also be used as garden shoes.

Aesthetic congestion for women

We chose this a pair of women’s slippers Rohde Neustadt, because with its high-quality leather lining it is particularly stylish and robust. In addition, ergonomic soles provide optimum comfort. These clogs are also adjustable, which makes them easy to grip. Indeed, it is equipped with a folding strap. Finally, they are pleasant to use thanks to their flexibility and 3 cm heel height.

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