What is this strange trend, sad fishing that carries all the rage on social networks?

Social networks are a real showcase of happiness. Perfect bodies, beautiful faces and idyllic views… We tend to show only the good side on social networks. But it is not so, a new trend has emerged recently. Sadness, loss of a loved one, tears, turmoil and even anxiety. Some are no longer afraid to show themselves as they are, but also with the face of bad days. This image, which can be considered true proof of reality, is controversial today. Because it generates millions of views and raises many questions.

what is sad fishing

le sad fishing it consists of expressing your sadness and sadness in an unfiltered way on social networks. We increasingly condemn the lack of sincerity on social networks. Some decide to share their pain unfiltered. This term, which can be translated literally, “fishing for sadness” It was first used by British journalist Rebecca Reid in 2019. In an article he wrote for Metro UK, he questions this trend, which aims to stage its sadness on social networks. Like on Instagram feeds or live Tiktok.

a tendency to question

le sad fishing It is spreading on all social networks. In September 2020, tiktokeuse British Maguapa_ posted a video of her in tears the day after her breakup. In a series of videos, we see the young woman in tears trying to stand up. The result: Over 2.4 million views over the counter. If foreigners are increasingly showing their sadness to their community. Some celebrities do too.

@meguapa_ Day 1: I miss him and my heart hurts💔#foryoupage #breakup #quarantine #heartbroken #fyp ♬ original audio – Meg

On closer inspection, examples are not missing! Top model Bella Hadid regularly speaks on her social networks to talk about important social issues such as the situation in Palestine, the threatened abortion right. But also various other themes on his account that has amassed nearly 50 million subscribers on Instagram. She showed her over and over again pictures of her with a bruised face and watery eyes. Before commenting under the post “Social networks do not reflect reality”.

A dubious quest for authenticity

Singer Lizzo also appeared on the plate in the face of the pressure she was exposed to due to her weight and skin color. It was on a live Instagram that the singer was devastated by the racist and disgusting remarks that she constantly had to confront. In 2020, the couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen lost their child Jack in full pregnancy in 2020. They publicly published this sad news on social media. Staging the young woman’s pain with photographs she took crying in her hospital bed.

Another example is the tearful and unfiltered vlogs and stories of youtuber Léna Situations. It seems like a long time ago that Chris Rocker was teased for his famous video. Where we see him crouching in his bed, pleading with the newspapers and the paparazzi. “To leave Britney Spears alone ».

Marketing strategy or the real way to break certain taboo topics?

He is faced with this insistence, fed up with online fake content and the constant and unrealistic instruction of a certain perfection. His tendency to show even the less cheerful parts of his life on social networks can be good. This is what Vanessa Lalo, clinical psychologist and digital apps expert, has deciphered. Asked Worldhe declares“The positive is that we are increasingly appearing in outsourced diaries seeking support from our community. We can put words to your discomfort. Users are looking for real people who look like them and want to enter the intimate lives of their favorite influencers. “.

If this trend makes it possible to highlight and democratize certain topics that are still very taboo in our current society. Like miscarriage, anxiety, and even mental health. Others see it purely as a marketing strategy to get more likes, more followers and therefore more money. This capitalization of sadness attracts the attention of not only Internet users, but advertisers as well. This was demonstrated by British journalist Rebecca Reid in her article on Metro UK. Indeed, we have seen over and over again the example of big celebrities relying on their taboos and then product placements.

capitalization sad fishing

This technique seems to have become a thriving and lucrative business for influencers and celebrities who can pay big. This is especially true of model Kendall Jenner, who has nearly 227 million followers on Instagram. Kris Jenner, the mother of the head of the famous Kardashian clan, published a photo of her. It was all accompanied by a poignant text that said how proud she was of her daughter for showing herself the most, she. “heavy secret”. This announcement caused panic among the fans. A few days later, the model decided to lift the veil. And sharing that she actually has acne in a post on Instagram… And it was all accompanied by a sponsored post. proactivelyA brand specializing in skin treatments.

This technique continues to attract advertisers. The latest is Lili Reihnart, star of the hit series. Riverdale. She was noticed by her when she showed her anxiety attacks and sad moments on social networks. Hum NutritionA famous food supplement brand that is supposed to soothe anxiety attacks. Now one of their ambassadors.

an approach under the guise of sincerity

This technique aims to harpoon subscribers with a fake and candid approach for a purely simple marketing purpose. According to journalist Rebecca Reid “Sad fishing is about using your emotions, maximizing them and using them as a regiment to create interaction. We film ourselves crying, but without saying why and therefore causing concern in subscribers who will comment and share this post” he explains monde.


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