what to do from May 6th to 8th +++ DRAFT

The preview of the Maggio dei Monumenti with an itinerary to discover the soul cult of the Pezzenelle, the meeting with Jovanotti and Crocetti in the Spanish Quarter for the presentation poems on the beach, Romito in concert for the review Naples unpluggedfree dates with the Wellness in Floridain the Trianon Viviani there is a tribute to Titina De Filippo and in the hippodrome of Agnano there is an interactive exhibition to fully immerse yourself in the wonderful universe of butterflies.

New weekend full of initiatives in the city with exhibitions, shows, concerts, special guided tours and appointments for the little ones.

Here are our tips on what to do and see in Naples (and vicinity) from May 6th to 8th

May preview of monuments 2022

The preview of the XXVIII. th edition of the Maggio dei Monumenti will take place in the heart of Secondigliano: on Saturday May 7th at 11.30 a.m. citizens and tourists will be offered a guided tour to discover the church and the crypt of the SS. Cosma e Damiano, considered one of the most evocative places of the cult of souls in purgatory. Click here for all information

Jovanotti in the Spanish Quarter with Nicola Crocetti

On Saturday May 7th at 7.00 p.m., in the Spanish Quarter, the Foqus Foundation will host the meeting with Jovanotti and Nicola Crocetti for the presentation of poems from the beach (Crocetti Editore): an anthology of great poets of all times and countries, from Malcolm Lowry to Ghiannis Rtisos, from Wisława Szymborska to Mariangela Gualtieri. Free entry with reservation. Click here for all information

plantMarket exhibition on the theme of horticulture

The 8th edition of Planta, the garden and more takes place from May 6th to 8th at the premises of the Real Botanical Garden of Naples. The protagonists are seasonal plants and flowers, exclusive seeds, botanical rarities, exotic essences, garden products, baskets and garden and outdoor equipment. Thematic meetings, book presentations, educational workshops, artistic and musical events will characterize the three days of the event. There will also be special sessions for children to introduce them to the mysteries of botany. Click here for all information

Romito in concert for Naples unplugged

On Friday May 6th, at the Corte dell’Arte of the Quartieri Spagnoli Foundation, better known as FOQUS, Romito will be the guest of NApply unpluggeda review of author music organized by the Brodo Cultural Association, with the artistic direction of Viola Bufano. Click here for all information

In the Trianon the homage to Titina De Filippo

This weekend at the Trianon Viviani – as part of the review The Scarpetta Legacy – goes on stage Titina the Magnificent, with dramaturgy by Domenico Ingenito and Francesco Saponaro, freely inspired by the book Titina de Filippo. life of a theater woman by Augusto Carloni. With Antonella Stefanucci in the title role and Edoardoprovente playing all the other male and female characters. The show tells about Titina De Filippo as an artist, but also about her private life as a mother, older sister and wife. Click here for all information

The universe of butterflies in Naples

Fairytale emotions in the Park of the Hippodrome of Agnano, where the exhibition will take place from May 6th interactive, immersive and didactic “Universe of Butterflies and Butterfly Experience”. Click here for all information

The Cathedral of Water: a musical journey into the Mirabilis Pool

On Sunday May 8th, the Mirabilis swimming pool will be transformed into a magnificent theater. Federica Ottombrino, who accompanies herself on accordion and guitar, will sing about water and life, giving us an evening full of inspiration. The event will also be repeated on May 15th and 22nd. Click here for all information

In Capodimonte, between art and nature

The wonderful Capodimonte Museum is also open this weekend. An opportunity to admire – in addition to the wonderful collections on the premises – the new design of the royal apartment, the exhibition that has just opened Beyond Caravaggio [clicca qui per tutte le informazioni] e The Triumph of Death, 2019the monumental canvas (535.94 cm x 535.94 cm) by artist Cecily Brown [clicca qui per tutte le informazioni]. Also not to be missed is a relaxing and regenerating walk through the splendid avenues of the Real Bosco, which remain open every day at the usual times.

The tram closes the season Pasolini Naples Decameron

The 2021/2022 season of the TRAM Theater ends with a final tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini on the occasion of his 100th birthday: Pasolini Naples Decameron by Mirko di Martino. The show tells the making of the Decameron from Pasolini’s point of view, his warm relationship with Naples, his search for a mythical past as a contrast to the consumerist present, the admission of failure. On stage are Nello Provenzano, Angela Bertamino, Miriam Della Corte and Domenico Tufano. The show takes place from May 5th to 7th and from May 12th to 15th. Click here for all information

Van Gogh, exhibition event in Naples

The exhibition is open to the public in the monumental Palazzo Fondi until June 26th Van Gogh Multimedia and The Secret Room. The heart of the exhibition, organized by Navigare Srl and curated by Giovanna Strano and Maria Rosso, is the restless human and artistic figure of the Dutch master, presented through a multimedia path full of contributions and a suggestive gallery of famous portraits, self-portraits, natural death and landscapes that reproduce the original paintings with the utmost fidelity. Click here for all information

Wellness in Florida

On Saturday May 7th a series of meetings dedicated to well-being in the green of the Villa Floridiana Park will begin. The appointments aim to bring the participants closer to wellness in nature through the encounter with different oriental disciplines, illustrated from time to time by qualified instructors. Participation in the meetings is free of charge, reservation required. Click here for all information

Spring fairytale in the botanical garden

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May as part of the market exhibition dedicated to horticulture plant, the appointment with the Spring Tales of I Teatrini also returns to the Botanical Garden. On stage, at 11 and 17, “Tale of a Tree and a Child”: a show by Giovanna Facciolo, loosely inspired by an illustrated story by Shel Silverstein. Age recommendation: 3 – 8 years. Click here for all information

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