Which ones should you wear? How to protect them?

Jewelry for women: why is it so successful?

More than just a simple accessory, jewelry is one of those sparkly objects that has followed us through the years (or not, it depends). Even better: When worn well, it has the power to complete a look, although it doesn’t totally elevate it. related to costume jewelry for pure luxury jewellery, prices in this industry can be as accessible as they are bordering on exaggeration. It goes without saying (whatever), but jewels are also powerful symbolic feathers like lucky talismans. This is why they are so popular with young couples. According to beliefs, they brought protectionIt formalizes fidelity and many romantic, friendly and family relationships. set with semi precious stonesthey can even relieve body or heart pain, help put things in perspective, release excessive stress or simply attracts luck and love. Engagement ring or regressive Y2K style ring, souvenir of journey to the end of the world, friendship bracelet, necklace with message…

Precious metals: The coolest and trendiest models of the season

The most prestigious fashion shows and emerging brands, followed closely by the whole fashion world, confirm this: spring-summer 2022will be the most conspicuous jewels regressiveTaken from XXL and major trends. 2000s. From New York to Paris, via London and Milan, all fashion cities agree on one point: the jewelery we’ll see everywhere this summer will have no limits. Our favorite? rings more-Y2K-you-die signed by docileon the fingers of all influencers – when not worn by the characters of the hit Netflix series,Elite. The waist chain that says “back to the 00s” also calls it a return. Perfect for emphasizing the curves of the body, this model can be chosen as thin, thick or beaded according to your wishes. We haven’t forgotten the small accessories that make all the difference and that fashion is proud of: heart micro hairpins, butterfly earrings and dolphin piercings that will make you the best it-girl summer.

Bague Like May Water


60 euros

Tasseled and beaded waist chain

Tasseled and beaded waist chain

cute little thing

18 euros

Gold 'Star Gazer' Ring

Gold ‘Star Gazer’ Ring


315 euros

Butterfly earrings - Chips - 18k yellow gold

Butterfly earrings – Chips – 18k yellow gold

First Gift

164 euros

Jewelry types: yes, fine jewelry is still eye-catching

On another record, the fine jewelry won’t wrinkle in the coming weeks either. It’s impossible to deny this: Delicate bracelets and necklaces always show their effect and provide elegance and timelessness to those who know how to wear them. Our tip: choose gold to reveal tanned skin and to collect these are complemented by colorful jewelery on the wrists, neck and ankles and various necklaces for the result. chic and bohemian, appropriate for the times. We confirm: D Paola gold plated necklaceAttracting attention with its colorful stones and pendant with flying letters. It is neither more nor less than a tribute to the lightness of summer. We also approve of its simplicity. Murano glass earrings and gold leaf (or silver if desired) silvery house. Our tip for enhancing them: Wear them with a falsely neglected bun and a well-cut white tee for an irresistible “messy chic” demeanor.

Women's Necklace Gold Plated Gold

Women’s Necklace Gold Plated Gold

PD Paola

69 euros

Bracelet Jerry Or Jaune

Bracelet Jerry Or Jaune

golden story

199 euros

Murano glass and gold or silver leaf earrings Douce

Murano glass and gold or silver leaf earrings Douce

silvery house

99 euros

Jewelry models: XXL and oversized for all occasions

It is very kind because it is very fashionable in social networks, XXL jewelry This season, fashion takes its revenge. Maxi necklaces, XXL chain bracelets and even oversized necklaces will make up the winning trio that we’ll be seeing a lot of fashionistas alike as soon as the good weather arrives. Masterpieces to invest now? most black and white graphic Daisy Chains pendant necklace custom signed by the designer Anna Sui. In the city or on the beach, it will beautify any neckband. In the same style, we dare so much rock’n’roll silver pendant necklace Choppova Lowena. With it, it’s hard to get around the big trends of the warm seasons: graphic necklace in cut glass, logo plate with adjustable carabiner, 43 centimeters long and, above all, stainless. As if it was designed to appeal to the most fashionable models of the moment.in the mouse meat Bella Hadid.

Graphic Black White Daisy Pendant Necklace

Graphic Black White Daisy Pendant Necklace

Anna Sui

230 euros

Silver & Gold Graphic Pendant Necklace

Silver & Gold Graphic Pendant Necklace

Choppova Lowena

330 euros

Jewelry and accessories: how to clean?

As with every clothing and accessory, jewelry from the most entry-level to the most precious needs care in order to be permanent. Your precious jewelery may darken by contact with the skin or even by perspiration. There are many simple and effective solutions to make them shine and help them regain their color.

  • clean silver jewelry : an excellent miracle product, baking soda It is proving to be very effective. To properly clean your silver jewelry, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with warm water to make a paste. Scrub your jewelry with this paste, run it under cold or warm water, and then dry it gently with a fine cotton cloth.

eating soda

eating soda

star candle gorgeous

21,90 euros

  • clean gold jewelry : Just like money, you can use the same previous technique. Remember that gold is a precious and delicate metal that should be handled with care. Never use too aggressive products. Give up the idea of ​​cleaning with shampoo or shower gel, which can leave irreparable marks on metal over time. give priority healthy and natural products. To shine: talcand a residue microfiber cloth.

microfiber cloth

microfiber cloth


35.36 euros

  • Clean up your fancy jewelry : plastic or resin does not deserve as much attention as silver and real gold jewellery, as jewelery jewelery is generally more accessible, quite the contrary. Avoid chemicals and aggressive products that can cause discoloration. Run them under warm water to clean them. Marseille soap more than enough.

Marseille soap

Marseille soap

Corvette Marseille

29,50 euros

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