WHO LEAVES THE ISLAND OF FAMOUS 2022 / Carmen mourns the passing of her son Iannoni

The island of the famous 2022, live: Carmen tearfully reacts to the abandonment of Alessandro Iannoni, statements

New direct de The famous island 2022aired on May 23, 2022 on Canale 5, saw some survivors decide to leave the game prematurely due to the reality show being extended to June 27, 2022. News featuring Licia Nunez, Guendalina Tavassi, Blind and Alessandro Iannoni. With his choice, the latter caused tears to my mother Carmen Di Pietrowho then commented clearly proved his son’s removal from Honduras: “Yes, we confronted. He talked to me to tell me he was leaving. He has completed three university exams. He can’t afford it. The fact that everything is studying in English. He really told me that if he stayed, he wouldn’t take the path the way he wanted. I already knew this decision, which is why I cried earlier. You saw tears streaming down me. Learning is important to him and I don’t want to disturb him. So the Honduran farewell of mother and son was taking place at the Palapa, and Carmen added: “I love you But!” Now that you’re back, say hello to Carmelina, mother, Giuseppe, everyone. But let me give you a hug, and then remember to say hi to everyone. Hello baby I love you, I really love you, come over here and let me hug you one more time. Hello dear. “But that’s not all. Because then, after abandoning Alessandro Iannoni, Carmen Di Pietro commented on her son’s withdrawal also in confidence with the other survivors in the game:” How nice that he was with everyone. You saw what kind words he had for everyone. “You, Edoardo, maybe more than the others. Guenda, Nicolas was sweet.” (Serena Granato update).

Isola dei Famosi 2022: those who will accept the extension until June 27

Not only Alessandro Iannoni and Guendalina Tavassi: even Licia Nunez and Blind have decided to leave Isola dei Famosi 2022 at the end of their live broadcast on May 23. So there are four survivors who refused to extend the program to June 27, the day of the new final, two from the palapa group and two from the playa sgamada group. Licia, on the other hand, expressed the desire to quit the program a few weeks ago, as did Blind, encouraged by the meeting with the girl a few days ago. This meeting was not enough, however, because he finally decided to return to Italy for his life. (Anna Montesano Update)

Guendalina Tavassi is abandoning

Time for some important choices for the survivor’s veterans Famous Island 2022. The first is Stephanie who decides to continue his adventure in Honduras: “We’ve gone so far and quitting doesn’t seem right. I decide to stay in the game. Then it’s the turn I understood: “I am left with all the desire I have left and the desire to do.” Edoardo also decides to stay in the game: “I’m staying. You have to throw me out, I have yet to lose weight. If you let me edit the island later, I can get to my weight. ”

Gwendolyn surprisingly, she decides to leave: “I wanted to thank you for the opportunity, for me today was the final. I have urgent matters that I need to come back to and solve. I have to go home to my kids, this time I gave myself up, it’s a huge goal for me but I only had this time to be able to stay here. I have children that I cannot leave at the moment, for me it is a pang in my heart that they got longer and I cannot continue. I cried every night, I am very happy with the program, I have to go back to my children. ” (Emanuele Ambrosio update)

Isola dei Famosi 2022, Alessandro’s letters, Carmen stays

AND Famous Island 2022 time for important choices. Veteran survivors have to make their own choice: to continue the adventure or not. The first is Nicolas Vaporidis who decides to continue his stay on the Island of Famous People. The actor also confirms his choice live: “yes, I decide to continue”. Then it’s the turn Lory Del Santo who decides to stay in the game and confirms his choice in the episode: “I thought today was my limit, it is very tough, but I want to show that I can do more and move on.”

l Continue with Alessandro Iannoni who does not want to continue his adventure in Honduras. His “no” is heavy but lively “I started with a shy and withdrawn boy, too closely connected with his mother, but thanks to this path I learned to be more autonomous and independent. For the rest of my life, I would like to thank the island for this opportunity, I kept the promise I made to many people by the end of May 23, but unfortunately from now on for school and study reasons it is a big problem to continue this experience. ” Then it’s the turn Carmen Di Pietro who decides to continue his adventure in Honduras and confirms in the episode. (Emanuele Ambrosio update)

Famous Island 2022, Nicolas Vaporidis remains in the game

Famous Island 2022 Ilary Blasi does not stop. The successful reality show Canale 5 will run until the end of June, specifically on Monday, June 27, 2022, thus keeping the company of millions of viewers passionate about the events and adventures of VIP survivors who have landed in Honduras. The news of the extension of the program to June 27, 2022 was not well received by the survivors; a few have actually expressed doubts about the possibility of staying in the game, and there are survivors more likely to abandon the game. Among the revelations of this edition is Alessandro Iannoni, son of Carmen Di Pietro.

Nicolas Vaporidis will definitely remain in the game, and initially doubting whether he would stay in the game, he decided to continue his adventure in Honduras. What will the other survivors’ veterans decide? It only remains to discover the live broadcast to find out! (Emanuele Ambrosio update)

Isola dei Famosi 2022: Alessandro Iannoni refuses to continue?

L ‘Famous Island 2022 will accompany viewers of Channel 5 until June 27. The success of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi convinced top management to extend the island’s duration until June 27. Just as happened with Big Brother Vip with competitors who had to accept an extension by March 14 when signing a new contract, even the survivors faced the choice of accepting the extension or refusing and leaving Honduras on the originally scheduled grand finale.

So who of the competitors will agree to stay longer in Honduras? A choice that newcomers won’t make or Luca Dafrè, Gennaro Auletto, Pamela Petrarolo and Marco Maccarini, but which puts competitors whose adventure began in March in crisis. There are those who are ready to stay until March 27 and those who, on the other hand, do not hide their fear.

Who leaves the Island of Fame 2022 and who stays?

Among the players who will of course stay on the Island of Fame 2022 until June 27 are brothers Edoardo and Guendalina Tavassi, among the undisputed heroes of reality, but also Estefania, Roger, Lory Del Santo and Marco Cucolo. However, Nicolas Vaporidis might have had some doubts, but most of all Alessandro Iannoni. Carmen Di Pietrto’s son, in fact, as revealed by Deinanir Marzano, has not yet decided whether to sign an extension contract or not.

Therefore, should Alessandro not agree to the extension, Carmen Di Pietro could also choose to leave Honduras and return to Italy. Also Fabrizia Santarelli, Licia Nunez and Blind who live in Playa Sgamada that does not meet their needs may choose to stay and return home.


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