Will Don Matteo 14 be ready?

Will Don Matteo 14 be there?

Don Matteo 14 It will be? At the press conference on Friday March 25, 2022, it is assumed that the fourteenth season will become a reality. Maria Pia Admire yourselfdirector of Rai Fiction, doing math: Don Matteo has aired since January 7, 2000 with a total (so far) of 225 episodes. Longevity allowed Don Matteo “become a great brand“E”explore this brand inevolution because we don’t stop. We evolve“. In that sense “Evolution is in courage”. He joins the choir Francesco Nardelladeputy director of Rai, who emphasizes that the product has remained the same and has changed at the same time.

Luca BernabeiThe CEO of Lux Vide, on the same occasion, emphasizes that Don Matteo and “The longest running and most successful series” in terms of grades that Rai has so far been a valuable maintainer. Says Nino Frassica “Every time he asked me” when are we leaving with the next one? “ at the end of shooting, because this series is a great love story.

Matilde BernabeiLux Vide founder adds: “We expect a lot” by Don Matteo. When did it start “It was not thought that something in Italy could last thirteen seasons. We did it “ thanks to the team behind it. The finished series was sold abroad (in the United States, South America, the Netherlands …) as well as in. In Poland, it is the greatest success achieved by Poles. “It’s good to make sure our products are known to the outside world”. With these premises, we expect one thing fourteenth season (and not only!).

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this official confirmation behind Don Matteo 14 still not there, but it is likely that it will come soon. We are looking forward to.

When Don Matteo comes out 14

We still don’t know date of departure with Don Matteo 14 season, not yet officially confirmed, although probable.

Are you renewing on? Don Matteo 14 soon, imagine that between 2022 and 2023 the production phase begins. The first thirteen seasons were broadcasted in a series of episodes every two years with some exceptions in the early years and consistently from the ninth season.

The plot of Don Matteo 14, previews

We do not know the details of the plot of the fourteenth season yet Don Matteobecause it has not even been confirmed yet, although very likely.

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See Don Matteo (Terence’s Hill) he won’t be there anymore, how can he be called Don Matteo? Will the fiction, if continued, have the same title? No confirmation, but invitation: “Follow us” – respond to the cast and crew at the press conference on March 25, 2022. After all, Raoul Bova himself said on this occasion: “I wanted it to be a continuation: Don Matteo will remain Don Matteo, Terence will always remain Terence”. It is not a replacement.

How Don Matteo turns 13

From left: Terence Hill (Don Matteo) and Raoul Bova (Don Massimo) on the poster
From left: Terence Hill (Don Matteo) and Raoul Bova (Don Massimo) on the poster “Don Matteo 13”. Credits: Rai

Don Matteo’s thirteenth season ends with episode 10 titled “Forgetting Matteo“. Don Massimo is he hiding something, as the carabinieri think? Authorities are investigating the strange movements of the priest and his mysterious acquaintances. His secret relationships seem to involve a woman who belongs to a man’s past.

Don Massimo does he really have a good heart? Snipers he stubbornly believes in its transparency. As a result of a cosmic misunderstanding, the Marshal is forced to arrange his wedding with Eliza.

Discover the other news from the Don Matteo series!

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Aniaon the other hand, he does not experience a moment of less turmoil. The fact that Sergio come back just breaks the cards again. Now more than ever a woman feels torn between her future and her Ines away from everyone, together with Valente.

Marco seems to have found a balance with Valentina. He seems to be happy. Is it really?
Mostly, Don Massimo is he really who he claims to be?

Cast of Don Matteo 14, actors and characters

From left: Emma Valenti (Valentina), Mattia Teruzzi (Federico) and Giorgia Agata (Greta) in a pose for
From left: Emma Valenti (Valentina), Mattia Teruzzi (Federico) and Giorgia Agata (Greta) in the pose for “Don Matteo 13”. Credits: Rai

Let’s start with one of the most popular questions about season 14 of Don Matteo. If new episodes are confirmed, would be Terence Hill too? At a press conference on March 25, 2022, Luca Bernabei, CEO of Lux Vide, is not unsustainable: for now Terence [Hill] He’s gone. This is in America. He will not fail to add that “if he comes back we will welcome him as we did with Flavio Insinna [alias Anceschi, NdR]”. What cannot be done is endorse Terence Hill’s request for a standardized format Inspector Montalbano and Don Matteo. This was suggested by the historical actor Don Matteo, because it would allow for a closer release of new episodes on the one hand, and on the other hand, to shorten the time on the set, which is very tiring for him. At this point, Lux Vide stands still: it cannot be done.

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By the end, in the cast of the possible fourteenth season, we expect the return of a group of performers, which include:

  • Raoul Bova (Don Massimo)
  • Nino Frassica (Marshal Cecchini)
  • Maria Chiara Giannett (Captain Anna Olivieri)
  • Maurizio Lastrico (Marco Nardi)
  • Nathalie Guetta (Natalina Diotallevi)
  • Francesco Scali (Blah)
  • Pamela Villoresi (Elisa)
  • Emma Valenti (Valentina Anceschi)
  • Mattia Teruzzi (Federico Limoni)
  • Giorgia Agata (Greta Alunni)
  • Aurora Menenti (Ines)
  • Pietro Pulcini (Pinned Ghisoni)
  • Domenico Pinelli (Remo Zappavigna)
  • Francesco Castiglione (Barba)

Don Matteo 14 trailer, does it already exist?

It’s still early to see trailer for the fourteenth season, even more so in view of the fact that the new episodes have not yet been officially confirmed. Trailer of episodes of the fourteenth cycle Don Matteo is not yet available on YouTube, we are confident it will be around two months after the next season’s debut on Rai 1 if it is renewed. In the meantime, here is the momentthe latest and exciting shot by Terence Hill in Don Matteo 13:

Don Matteo 14 episodes, how many there are

During a press conference on March 25, 2022, both Rai Fiction Director Maria Pia Ammirati and Lux ​​Vide CEO Luca Bernabei spoke about ventilated contraction in the number of episodes in the future Don Matteo. Maria Pia Ammirati is well aware of the excellent performances in both fiction in TV in terms of plays both on RaiPlay streaming and on-demand. This is one of the best-playing titles. It is for this reason that I feel obligated to respect the fans’ love of seriality. From Rai Fiction’s point of view, it is “impossible” to think of reducing the number of episodes. Luca Bernabei is of the same opinion, and he denies the fact that they never even considered making only four episodes.

So we can imagine that ultimately Don Matteo 14 count ten episodes as you did in the thirteenth season.

Don Matteo 13 is a production of Lux Vide, a company from the Fremantle group, in cooperation with Rai Fiction. The management was entrusted to Francesco Vicario, Riccardo Donna and Luce Brignone.

Don Matteo 14 in streaming where to see it

Don Matteo streaming is available on RaiPlay simultaneously with the broadcast on Rai Channel One and beyond. If it is confirmed, we imagine that it will be the same from the fourteenth season.

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