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Soups, polenta, pasta, stews, meat dishes, fondue… Dishes that go well with wine in winter. But who has never been afraid to make a mistake when choosing a menu and drinks? When it comes to harmonization, there are unnecessary complications that often discourage people and make them give up before they even try. The idea is to keep it simple, and in general there is no big secret: the richer, fatter or spicier the food, the fuller (and ultimately stronger) the wine should be.

Maite Maran, product manager of the La Pastina group, gives valuable advice to facilitate the experience.

  1. First, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Only by experimenting can we acquire knowledge and thus choose more decisively.
  2. Start with unpretentious and less refined wines.
  3. More important than finding the perfect pairing is choosing a wine that simply makes us enjoy drinking with our meals.
  4. Do not give up! The rest learns over time.

On cold days (and nights), we burn more calories to keep warm. That is why we are so eager and so pleased to eat dishes that are spicier and more unctuous, as well as more high-calorie and complex. And nothing complements the meal and warms the body and soul like fine wine. According to sommelier Andre Zangerolamo, “Winter wines keep us warm. Associating with the station kitchen, they soothe and give a delicious feeling of satiety.”

Now just fill the cellar and enjoy.

Cono Sur Reserva Especial Cabernet Sauvignon, goes well with soufflé and pasta – La Pastina/publication A photo:

start in style

Soups, so coveted on cold winter evenings, represent a separate chapter in wine pairings. If we drink it very hot, the heat tends to weaken the taste buds and thus we perceive the nuances of the wine less. The advice is to let it cool down a bit and then enjoy the mix better. Generally, soups and broths pair best with medium-sized wines.

Respectful note, Soup Capelettifor example, goes very well with Borgotorre Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOCsilky, light and fruity red wine with hints of red fruits such as cherries and strawberries, a subtle hint of violet and fine tannins.

Delicious and versatile polenta with sausage stew pepperoni it can be served as an appetizer, in small portions, or as a main course without any harm, and it requires the right wine. In this case, the suggestion is full-bodied. Earth San Vincenzo SINCE 1947, made from the Primitivo grape variety from southern Italy, from vines over 50 years old, an iconic red wine from its importer, La Pastina, one of Brazil’s most famous and traditional wine and food importers. Elegant and velvety, it is full of aromas and flavors of red fruits and a delightful and unobtrusive residual sweetness. Wine for memory.

The charm of the classics

Creamy, airy and warm cheese soufflé ask for expressive wines, but slightly less full-bodied and less tannic, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Southern Cone Special Reserve. Fruity and fresh, it has an intense aroma of strawberries and dark fruits such as plums and a wonderful hint of spice.

easier, i.e. gnocchi with sauce or sauce order wine as Santapietra Chianti Riserva DOCG, an excellent value for money red wine, produced in the traditional Italian region of Chianti, renowned for its wines of exceptional freshness. Thanks to notes of fresh cherries and strawberries, it pairs perfectly with pasta with tomato sauce, lasagna bolognese and hard cheeses such as parmesan and grana padano.

Santapietra Chianti Riserva DOCG - great value red wine - La Pastina/Publication

Santapietra Chianti Riserva DOCG – great value red wine – La Pastina/Publication A photo:

Red meat and strong wines are the perfect combination

To enter the world of meat, succulent beef stew It’s always a good choice for a winter lunch. OUR Mouton Cadet Burgundy Red – This is a classic that reflects the spirit of winemaking in Bordeaux, the most famous wine region in France. Full-bodied, voluminous and versatile, this red pairs well with a wide range of red meat-based dishes such as pot roasts, roasted lizard stuffed with vegetables, kafta and barbecue cuts.

Special occasions call for special wines. for delicious beef burgundyabout Bosio Barolo “Boschi dei Signori” DOCG it’s the perfect choice. Complex, elegant and structured, it has subtle notes of dried flowers and an earthy undertone. Undoubtedly an unforgettable red, produced in Piedmont, where Italy’s most coveted red wines come from.

Fondue? We have!

if the night fonduebet on a unique Anciens Temps Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – Syraha blend of two classic grape varieties from the Languedoc region of France, with aromas of spices, black fruits and hints of vanilla and chocolate.

To end the fondue night with a golden key, creamy semi-sweet chocolate fondue goes well with intense and unctuous Croft Porto Fine Tony, made from Portuguese grape varieties from a stock of port wines aged in oak barrels. A wine whose aroma lingers in the mouth and prolongs the enjoyment of the wine.


Wines not to be missed in your cellar this winter

  • Borgotorre Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC – 91.00 reais
  • Santapietra Chianti Riserva DOCG – 104.00 reais
  • Anciens Temps Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – Syrah – R $127.00
  • Croft Porto Fine Tony – 138 reais.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon of the Special Reserve of the Southern Cone – 147.00 reais.
  • Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Red – 182.00 reais.
  • Terre di San Vincenzo Since 1947 – 354.00 reais.
  • Bosio Barolo “Boschi dei Signori” DOCG – R $473.00

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