WWE Raw Report 05/23/2022 – Lynch cerca posto ad Hell In A Cell

Friends of Tuttowrestling, welcome back this week. The red show continues its march towards Hell In A Cell under the aegis of all WWE, Bloodline. My name is Daniele “Clock’s Ticking” La Spina and this is your Raw Report !!!

The episode opens with a recap of the pair titles’ reunification duel that took place on SmackDown. Then a review of the interior of the Ford Center in Evansville, IN. We receive a welcome from Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton, who immediately announce that Usos will be teaming up with Sami Zayn to face Riddle and the Street Profits tonight.

Riddle shows up on Raw for the second week in a row without Randy Orton and speaks. The riddle begins by saying that it is difficult. She’s here with a weight on her chest. Orton is his best friend, mentor, brother, and frankly speaking, the last few years have been difficult for him. Even though they’ve been playing together for the past few months, Orton has had back problems lately. On Friday, before the reunification game, Orton could barely walk. He knew he would not abandon him because Orton knew what the match meant to him and to the audience as a whole. RK-Bro lost to Usos. No misunderstandings, Usos are great and have won everything in their careers. But the fact that the Usos win so much, with this piece of me ** Roman Reigns, strikes treacherously, does not diminish. He is ready to assure that he will take revenge on all members of the House before the end of his career, he swears. Back to Orton: he did so much for him, for everyone. She loves him and knows he is watching from home, so she wants to tell him that she loves him. But to be honest, he doesn’t know what the future awaits RK-Bro, he doesn’t know if they will still exist. But the audience can help him as Orton watches at home: Riddle starts the chorus for RK-Bro, and virtually the entire arena follows him. 6-Man is NEXT …

We head back into the air and see the rest of the show, starting with the usual countdown until the beginning of the third hour where Cody Rhodes will appear in rematch against The Miz. In addition, Bobby Lashley and Omos will face an unspecified All Mighty Challenge. Then Veer Mahan – as Smith himself said – will be a guest of Jerry Lawler’s King’s Court for some reason. Finally, a mixed tag team between Judgment Day adepts and AJ Styles and Liv Morgan.

Eddie Orengo will lead the competition while the other rivals arrive. Riddle does not wait and rushes towards the three opponents. After a while, Zyski also arrives and there is a fight between all six of them on stage. The judges are trying to restore order. Advertisement.


Let’s go back to Orengo, who manages to start the match against legal Zayn and Angelo Dawkins. Zayn is associated with the Usos gesture and also wears the Bloodline shirt. Block then block the side corner for Zayn. Throwing on ropes by Dawkins and Shoulder Block. Dawkins escapes, Zayn dodges, but then is thrown onto the ropes and collects a standing drop-stick. Dawkins Corner spin elbow, then Tag for Montez Ford’s Dropkick! 1 … 2 … no !!! Arm Twist by Ford, Riddle charm (with bandage on the stomach). As he enters, Riddle lunges at Jimmy and Jey, but this allows Zayn to break free from Ford and hit him. Zayn hits the bandage with the ropes. Knees in the back, then Zayn’s body scissors. Riddle pokes me with Zayn’s Double Tap. Tag for Jey Uso: that’s enough for Riddle to see red as he gets up and takes him to the corner: a series of kicks from Orengo that hardly stops him. Riddle hits the Fisherman’s Suplex! 1 … 2 … no !!! Tag for Ford throwing Jey on the ropes and joining an outstretched hand. Savate Kick, then Uppercut and Chop. I throw in the ropes, Jimmy with the blind tag, and lower the top rope, causing the Ford to fall out of the ring. She then goes downstairs and throws it against the steel steps, and then finishes with Superkick. A break for us.

Let’s go back to the antenna with Zayn under control and Headlock on the Ford. He gets up and looks for a tag, but Zayn doesn’t let go and leads him back down to the ground. Zayn’s Back Suplex, Ford lands on his feet and joins him. Zayn stands up and punches Dawkins while Jey Uso pulls Riddle off his apron. Return of Suplex and Riddle ending through the barriers! Meanwhile, in the ring, Zayn picks the Suplex, Ford’s inner cradle! 1 … 2 … no !!! Zayn linen cord. Tag for Jey Uso going to the ground and a pound. Jey throws Ford in his corner, but Ford hits both Zayn and Jimmy. He then dodges Back Suplex Jey and combines a kick with the leaping Enziguri. Tag for Riddle, tag for Zayn: Riddle enters and kicks back. Jimmy tries to intervene, but collects Ripcord’s knee. Elbow bang on Zayn, then Jimmy, then Zayn and Jimmy again. Exploder Suplex on Jimmy, Exploder Suplex on Zayn. Running Senton on Jimmy, Running Senton on Zayn. Jey tries to intervene, but Dawkins knocks him out with a big right in the face. Same fate for Jimmy and they both get out of the ring. Ford runs away and Somersault Senton overwhelms Usos !! Riddle picks up Zayn on the apron and hits Viper DDT! Riddle selects CPR. However, Usos is already on their feet, unlike Zyski, and they get on an apron to distract him. Then they get out and begin to descend backstage. Zayn gets up and asks where are they going and Riddle’s CPR !! 1 … 2 … 3 !!! Riddle stands up, looks at Usos and the victory for Orton.

At the comment table, we chat about Omos and Lashley and go over photos from last week. Lashley enters. We will see a special challenge, NEXT …

After returning to the air, we receive a message that Lashley and Omos will face the HIAC. It’s not pictured as a Hell In A Cell match, but Smith says if Steel Cage doesn’t stop the MVP from the match, maybe Hell In a Cell will. Lashley takes the floor saying he is pleased with the win, but when the arbirto declared him the winner last week, he looked into the ring and knew he and the giant weren’t finished yet. .). So he wasn’t surprised to find out that they were going to play in the HIAC. But tonight is the Almighty Challenge, and he’s sure MVP and Omos want to know more and summon them. They both do not wait and stop on the stage. The MVP says he doesn’t know who Lashley thinks he is to call them out. Maybe he thinks he’s the best, but everyone saw Omos kicked him 7 days ago and if it hadn’t been for a bad cage, Omos would have won the game. Lashley shuts him down and says these two things are, of course, not finished yet, and they obey today’s objection. They want a match for tonight and the winner selects the HIAC condition. The MVP laughs and says it has to be the pace. He barely survived, and now he wants to face it again? Lashley silences him again, causing literally zero audience response. Lashley says he’s not done with him either: he wants to face the MVP tonight, and whoever wins will choose the HIAC condition. Does he seem confused or is he just scared? This time, the MVP silences Lashley and says he created him, so he will destroy him. Accept and tonight he will kick him to choose a condition that even the Almighty cannot overcome. Lashley says he created the MVP (???). The HIAC will destroy Omos and put him in the Hurt Lock tonight. Omos marches into the ring. The MVP gets on the apron and Lashley hits him immediately. Omos breaks the lap and retreats for now.

Let’s take a look at what has happened in the last few weeks between Judgment Day and its opponents. JD enters, Mixed Tag is NEXT …

Back on air, we learn that WWE will return to Saudi Arabia for the new edition of the Crown Jewel on November 5. Then, summarize the main event of the last week.

We’re at Adam Pearce’s office with Dana Brooke, asking for a game against Carmella. Pearce says he’ll see what he can do. As he leaves, he collides with Becky Lynch. Lynch says he knows Pearce saw it go last week. She didn’t see well, she didn’t see well for 3 days. Asuka has cheated and still finds some green in her hair. Should remove the match result. He knows Pearce can’t do this, but he should add her to the title match. Pearce says she’s right and there will be a rematch against Asuka tonight: if she wins, she will be added to the match. Lynch looks pleased and walks away.

JD is in the ring and Damian Priest takes the floor to tell everyone to get up. Last week, Edge offered to join JD to anyone smart enough to accept it. One aspect of their mission is modesty. He and Rhea Ripley are different from the rest, and Edge was the only one to see it. He showed them the way and set them free. They were sheep, as were everyone present, caught up in an attempt to please everyone. Like everyone behind the scenes, I am waiting for instructions on what to do. This is what people like, but the truth hurts. The thing everyone doesn’t understand is that it takes courage. Dare to be yourself, accept it. No one in the audience has that courage. But they can help them, help everyone, if they help themselves.

Ripley passes Liv Morgan and says she knows she’s used to following her heart instead of her head. Too focused on keeping the audience happy. She is even ready to forgive her past if she does the right thing. Morgan can be saved, as can she, by joining JD.

Edge says JD is the truth: the truth to everyone who is too scared to accept it. The truth that will set them free. I am a mental power, not a physical one. They are an opportunity for everyone to rediscover themselves and rebuild their careers: just sit in the shadow of his wisdom tree to learn how to be the best. Imagine people like Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Jordan give you a similar opportunity. It’s the same with him. He did not get a seat at the top of the mountain like a regular John Cena. He is at the top thanks to the miracle of his hard work and it has made him successful. But people fear hard work and content themselves with getting up every morning and going to work, watching their boss in the corner office raise his salary 10 times with a crumb of his intelligence, simply because they are lazy and hang out. chips in your cabin. They are all sheep who are afraid to face the world and get what they deserve.

But JD is not afraid – they offer a mentality and if they accept it, they will wake up. For everyone here at WWE to break the boundaries in their heads, the same lines that passed when no one expected it. Who will be next? Someone will be smart and wise enough to join them and pass on their knowledge to them. Tommaso Ciampa? Or maybe Corey Graves? Alexa Bliss? Drew McIntyre? They didn’t expect this, did they? Maybe Liv Morgan or Finn B├ílor? What about AJ styles? Maybe he will understand that it is better to be next to them than to face them. Maybe he will understand that he is feeling better and one day his children might call him Uncle Edge. The choice is up to AJ who chooses carefully.

As he enters, Morgan’s theme song is heard, followed by AJ Styles

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